Message-Generator, feedback welcome


this is my first portfolio project on Codecademy.
This project includes user interaction which is out of scope for skillpath so far.
User can enter topic from the list and repetitions number.
As a result user has a formatted output so it is displayed as settings with defined structure.

  1. It was quite complicated at first to develop a design of this project.
    This included a small research of the most common sentences structures and complex was selected as a ground.
    But using a knowledge of objects and iteration methods helped a lot
    A lot of time was saved using ChatGPT to arrange words library for different topic.
    At the time of creating this code I was not chasing code simplicity but to understand deeper the role of objects and functions.
  2. In total 8 hours was spent for this project.
  3. Link to repo

Currently messages generating is the only function it does, there are no sense in each of them.
Moreover there may occur some grammatical mistakes and words repetition.

There are opened issues for some of the above issues in git and definitely I’m seeing a field of improvements, so attempts to reduce and optimize code will also be undertaken in future.

Thanks for any feedback.