Merge pr from Github CLI

Hi guys,

Im just about to finish the “Introduction to Git and Github” course on Codecademy and, at the very end of the Github CLI tutorial, we are being asked to merge our pull request using the command: gh pr merge

For some reason, though, when I try to do it, the command line sends me the following message:

leonardoragazini@Leonardos-MacBook-Pro try-github-CLI-off-platform-project % gh pr merge

? What merge method would you like to use? Create a merge commit

? What’s next? Submit

Message: ragazini does not have the correct permissions to execute MergePullRequest, Locations: [{Line:1 Column:58}]

leonardoragazini@Leonardos-MacBook-Pro try-github-CLI-off-platform-project %

I’ve tried the other options (“Rebase and merge” and “Squase and merge”) too but they also bring the same error.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!!!

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