Merge conflict


how to do this instruction.?? I cannot pass the number 2


You have to use the
"git merge "branch_to_merge(in this case "fencing")"
command from the branch you want to update( in this case "master").

sorry for the syntax but i couldn't use <> without hiding the text in between.


The same question! :joy:


Can you give more details?


I seem to be using the right command and it's still giving me the issue, in this case, it would be git merge fencing, but I am still getting the error message


sorry, I m not understand..can u show clearly..still cannot pass this instruction


i just done it again and it works, if you are doing it like me it should work :s


i got confused with the exercise but the other code looks pretty much like that.

$ git checkout master
Switched to branch 'master'
$ git merge fencing
Auto-merging resume.txt
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in resume.txt
Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then com
mit the result.

// here you have to modify resume.txt

$ git add resume.txt
$ git commit -m ".."
[master 8f567c9] ..


Anyone know how to resolve my issue ?


For anyone else who runs into issues with this, go back to the previous step and start again but with some different text changes - took some effort but I got it to work again after going back to step 7 and starting over.


There is a bug in the code that is stopping us from moving on. I was able to pass by "starting over" and rewriting all the steps. I moved to the Fencing branch and made a change to the text and ran the program. Than I added and committed it with a comment. At this point I switched to the Master branch and merged. It kept telling me I was wrong until I merged and allowed me to move onto step 3. Hope that is not too confusing. Let me know if you have any questions.


@sjgallen, were you able to get through the exercise or the whole course?


Yes, once I redid everything in this exercise, I was able to move on. I finished the course shortly afterwards with no trouble whatsoever.


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This is what I did and it work.

$ git add resume.txt then press 'enter' on the keyboard
$ git checkout serume.txt press 'enter' on the keyboard

Once you done that, it automaticly do the work for step 3 and 4. Therefore, you do not have to write anything for step 3 and 4

Good luck


Sorry, Ive made a litle silly mistake on the spelling. It should be resume not serume. Sorry about that