menuObject with template literals

I’m having trouble solving the problem. I almost got it, but I got it wrong. I did set up the “parse menu as a JSON object”. It seems I’m missing a few codes. Here are the instructions and my wrong answers. Complete the application by doing the following:

  1. Create a variable called menuObject and set it to the result of parsing menu as a JSON object.
  2. Using template literals, log menuObject‘s appetizer, main, and dessert to the console.

The console should output the following:

Today’s Menu:
Appetizer: Shrimp Shumai
Main Course: Aloo Gobi
Dessert: Key Lime Pie

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If you had

const dog = {
  name: "Fido",
  age: 12

then you could use a template literal to log the .name like this

console.log(`Name: ${}`);

notice the variable is between ${ and }