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Howdy folks! :wave:

My name is Shaylin. I was born, raised, and live in the state of Texas, and have loved it for as long as I can remember. I joined Codecademy early this year, and became a SU mid-May.

I have loved nearly every aspect of my Codecademy journey, the SUs and Mods team have done much to help me along the path, and I am ever grateful for that. This community truly amazes me, seeing so many different cultures, nations, and people, coming together to work towards a common goal is not something you see as often as you should in this day and age.

I love being able to help others here. Quiet often I see they are struggling with the same things I have in the past, and love to do what I can to help.
Though I have MUCH to learn in the areas I am working in, not much makes me smile as much as being able to offer assistance to a fellow programmer and in the end seeing their program work flawlessly, or a website display pixel perfect.
Quite often if a see a topic, I don’t know the answer too, I love to experiment myself and try to solve it, or read one of the more advanced programmers answers to see what I can learn.

I have been interested in computers and science for quite a while now, though I didn’t really start programming until earlier this year. I have seen the growing use of computers, every day they seem to be used in yet another aspect of our lives. From advanced jobs like calculating the orbit trajectories of asteroids and comets, to the simple tasks like an electric toothbrush staying activated for a full minute.
And with the tech world growing so rapidly, I believe at least basic programming skills are something everyone should know.

I have been interested in web development for a while now, and Python is a favorite when I want to fiddle with something. Though the more I work with computers, the more I find myself becoming interested in the lower level languages and I am working my way gradually towards them.
I have devoted most of my time so far to:

  • Python
  • C/C++
  • Front end web development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

My current goal with my coding adventure, is to be able to make my own operating systems from scratch. I have begun to learn the enormousness of this task, but it is something I hope to someday achieve.



Hello! I’m interested in a few languages-Python, C#, Ruby and HTML/CSS-although I do know a few others. I mainly code for fun, but I’ve made a few tiny programs to help in my day-to-day life.

Learning to code isn’t just about learning the languages-it is about learning to think-if not similar to a computer-but logically. There is also a great deal of problem solving that you need to learn how to do/think about-that is one thing I really like about coding!

I joined CC in January this year, and became a SU in April. Being a SU-for me-is about helping other people, and making sure they understand everything they want to before they move on. There’s been many a question which I know I’ve struggled with, and it makes me happy to see when a question has been solved! There is a bit of keeping the community tidy-but not much since you all do a great job of organising where to post topics, etc!


Who are you?

I’m an anthropomorphic bread that decided to go back to school for CS because of the pandemic.

What languages are you interested in?

Haskell is something that I’m looking into (at the moment). But there aren’t any languages that inherently disinterest me. I’m agnostic in this sense. Java was my first language but I consider Python to be my native one (of the programming ones…). I learned javascript back when it wasn’t cool, but I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a real powerhouse now… and that it can be … gasp enjoyable :slight_smile:

Any coding project goals in mind?
Anything to do with improving the concept of remote education.
Also anything to do with empowering citizens to easily access the most local political information.

What does learning to code mean for you?

It’s a technical means for expressing what I believe in.

When did you join Codecademy?

May 2020, became a superuser in July.

What does being a SuperUser in this community mean to you?

I’m just glad to be of any use to anyone who needs it. I’ve been helped along the way many times over the years, and I like to do the same. Not for the cookies, but for the love of learning.


Hi, I’m Lisa. I joined Codecademy waaaaay back in the early days of 2012. A friend suggested it to me and I checked it out while I was bored at work. I first started with HTML & CSS and really liked the UI, so, I sort of stayed with it off and on. I came back to it a few years ago when I was interested in learning more about SQL & Python for data analysis. Now my interest has piqued to data science & predictive analytics and so I’m plugging my way through the DS path. I’m also interested in learning R and making maps. Data.Is.Everywhere. I’ve always been interested in trying to understand and interpret the world around me & to seek out improvements where needed. I get geeked whenever the Census releases new ACS data or the NYT has a zip code-based map of the US detailing how people have voted.
Current projects include: getting the NYC Council to clean up/fix it’s survey questions/data for Participatory Budgeting for easier analysis and trying to figure out how to use GeoPandas to make maps and how to build more web scrapers (I’ve done it a couple times and want to improve). I also have many, many other projects in mind. Help! :joy:

I became a SU earlier this year and have enjoyed being able to help out other learners. I have had many mentors who have helped me along my coding journey and I truly believe in paying it forward. I know what it’s like to get frustrated when learning new new coding/programming concepts and I also know what it’s like to have that “Ah Ha!!” moment when it all clicks. There are a lot of super smart people here in this community and I’m grateful to learn from them and happy to be here and help out other learners where I can.


¡Hola a todos! My name is Federico (I go by Fede) and I was born and raised in southern Spain. About ten years ago I moved to the US, first to the Midwest and now the East Coast. People have characterized me as energetic, talkative and overall a happy person :grinning:

I started coding in high school and quickly became hooked to technology in general. I went to university to study engineering and kept working on projects that allowed me to expand on my coding journey. I think what made me so interested in coding was the realization that computers are everywhere in our daily lives (how we get news, navigate to places, shop for things online, how power is delivered to our homes, logistics, finance, banking, education, medicine, etc) and I’ve always been curious to know how things work and how to manipulate them to make them do what I want them to.

Although my Codecademy account dates back to 2012, I only became a regular user last year. I discovered that beyond the lessons there was this awesome community and I wanted to be part of it. I like the saying “when one teaches, two learn”. I think helping people in the community helps me in return, big time. I was incredibly lucky to be spotted by other community leaders and so I became a SuperUser. I’m always happy to help or contribute any way I can, so feel free to send DMs my way if you need me!


Hi all!

I’m @el_cocodrilo, a Super User from the U.S. I’m passionate about affordable and accessible education for everyone, and I just so happen to love to code as well. If you are interested, here are a few things about me and the road that led me here:

My Codecademy Journey

I joined Codecademy back 2016 out of curiosity, but didn’t begin taking the courses seriously until around 2018 and only began participating regularly on the forums as of April this year. Prior to Codecademy I had almost no exposure to code, outside of hacking the HTML in MySpace themes back in the day.

Like many learners here, I struggled to find the motivation and spare time to learn to program when I first started out. I found it incredibly frustrating that if a few days passed between study sessions I would forget what I had just learned and have to spend time relearning material in my limited free time.

For me, the turning point was deciding to try out Python rather than continue with HTML and CSS. I was doing a lot of data analysis and number crunching for my job in Excel, and Python immediately resonated with me as a powerful tool for processing that data faster. Having goals in mind (making my work faster and easier) and seeing a tangible and immediate “real world” benefit made studying before and after work and on the weekends much easier.

For those of you who are struggling, I guarantee that if you set a goal and work toward it a little each day, you will get there. Like many things in life, persistence and consistent practice are the most important factors in learning to program.


Although Python is my go-to language, I’ve also come to really enjoy both Swift and Julia and I’ve acquired an appreciation for SQL along the way. I also know HTML and CSS, as well as some C++, and recently I’ve been learning JavaScript and PHP to round out my web dev skills. If you get stuck or have any questions with any of the above, feel free to reach out and I’ll do my best to help.


Since competing in the Python Discord Summer Code Jam (where we used Django to build websites), I’ve been focusing mainly on web projects to improve my front end skills. My goal is to be fluent enough in JavaScript that I feel comfortable building dynamic websites by the end of September :crossed_fingers:.

Other than that, I primarily focus on data analysis, data visualization, and data science projects using Python. I also built an Android app this summer using Python’s Kivy framework that will be ready for release on Google Play soon.

Free Advice

If I could start learning to code from scratch, I would do a few things differently. Here are my suggestions:

  1. Set up a local coding environment and start coding on your own computer as soon as possible. You can always copy and paste your answers into the Codecademy lessons, or complete them on Codecademy’s platform and then paste them onto your own device to keep practicing.

  2. Start learning and using Git/Github right away. Once you get used to saving your work with Git and uploading it to Github, you will not only have a valuable (and necessary) skill for this industry, you will have visible proof of all your work for potential employers. Also, if something happens to your computer, your code is backed up online for free.

  3. Once you know some of the basics, look to official documentation and source code when you have questions. The sooner you get comfortable reading docs, the better. It is a skill that you can develop and improve, believe it or not. Also, when you’re using open source libraries and frameworks, sometimes the answer you’re looking for won’t be officially documented. Looking at the source code will not only help you solve problems, reading the code of more experienced programmers can help you improve your own code.

  4. Work on projects that interest you. It doesn’t matter if you finish them. Just going through the process of coming up with your own project, planning it out, and trying to do it are crucial for getting past those learning plateaus.

Good luck and happy coding!

Hello Everyone!

I’m Jenny from Canada. I took my first course with Codecademy in 2017 learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. I had joined as a moderator on Slack, moved to Mobilize and now a SuperUser on the forums. Currently, I’m working through Python on the Data Science path.

I enjoy helping others learn to code and recognize the importance of having a community to ask questions no matter how silly they may seem. It’s always inspiring to hear all the learner stories.

Looking forward to connecting.


Hi everyone, I’m Victoria from Canada!

I joined Codecademy in April 2020, found the forums in July, and became an SU in September. I’ve always been interested in computers and technology and regained an interest in programming earlier this year. Currently, I mainly code for fun and I believe it’s a good skill to learn as it improves your problem-solving and as technology becomes more integrated with our daily lives.

I’m interested in a couple of languages; I’ve taken the Learn Python 3 course here on CC, some Java courses online, and I’ll be tackling those needed for web development next (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

For me, being an SU is an opportunity to learn—learning from more experienced programmers and when helping others. Though I still have a long way to go on my programming journey, it’s great to be able to help others struggling with the same things I once struggled with. I’m happy to help in any way I can.

Happy coding!


Hello, everyone!

My name is Scott, and I’m from the US. I have over 20 years of professional experience in IT and technology-related positions, but my passion for computers, technology, and programming started long before that when I was only a kid.

There are many languages that I’m interested in. Over the years, I’ve learned just enough of a variety of languages to complete various projects/tasks, but it was never my primary job responsibility. Even earned the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) credential for VB6 back in the day. So far at Codecademy, I’ve focused on JavaScript, SQL, and TypeScript, along with all the frameworks & libraries related to the Full-Stack Engineer career path.

I joined Codecademy in August after reading about their offer to provide 3 free months of Pro membership to workers impacted by COVID-19. Prior to becoming active in the forums in September, my only exposure was with the questions linked at the bottom of the exercises in the Web Development career path. I reached the requirements for the Super User trust level in November.

Participating in the Codecademy forums and Discord has been a valuable experience. Not only have I enjoyed helping and encouraging people, I’ve also found that the process of discussing concepts with others and reviewing code that isn’t mine has helped me reach a deeper understanding of some of the topics myself. Leveraging the collective experience of the other SUs, mods, and other members of the community has accelerated the learning process for me, and I hope it does for you too.

Happy coding!


Hello everyone! :wave:

I’m Lyall from a rainy corner of the UK. I joined Codecademy back in 2017 but only really got into it during the first Covid wave, I started being active around the community spaces last year and recently become an SU here and mod over on the Discord community.

I’ve always had a love for computers/technology and learning to code was, to me, by far the best way of expressing that! Mostly I’m interested in web development and am plodding through the full-stack path but I’m really just learning a bit of whatever sparks my interest and have recently diverged off into a little bit of C.

For me, being an SU is two things:

  • Being able to help out fellow learners is great! No matter the question, we all (myself absolutely included!) get stuck and need to ask for help sometimes and I love being able to lend a hand, especially if it’s something I myself have encountered while learning!
  • Furthering my own learning: I still have plently of learning to go and really cannot overstate how much I’ve been lucky enough to learn from all the pros and experienced devs around this community, it’s been awesome! Any day where you can learn something new/improve on an old concept is a good day imo (and being able to help someone else do the same is even better).

Happy coding everyone! :slight_smile:


Hi everyone I’m Ethan from the US.

I’m really interested in HTML, CSS, and CSS but I also know some Python and I am currently learning Phaser.js I currently don’t have any project I’m working on inputting all my effort into learning Phaser.js.

Learning to code is learning about how the code works and interacts with different parts of the code as well as other files. And it’s also learning how to solve problems. I joined CC back in January 2020. But I only really got into coding in August 2021. A few days later I joined the forum. Since then I have been active and helping people out. And in December I got promoted to Superuser.

For me being a superuser is helping others get through the hoops you come across when you first start out as well as learning from other great members of the community.