Medical Insurance Project - Feedback needed to expand adjustments list

Hello everyone!

I’m sharing below my first shot at the Medical insurance project. The project was quite fun, I’ve put together this initial version in a couple of hours today and I’m planning to revisit it shortly to extend the functionality and restructure some parts of the code. Accordingly your feedback is appreciated for items that I should add to my to-do list.

Currently I have the following items in mind:

  • Enhancing the flow of the functions (I wrote the functions to operate independently to avoid Jupyter errors. I need to go back to fix these bugs and use functions within each other).
  • Properly implementing classes and changing the functions to be methods
  • Expanding the analysis, specifically for biases in the current insurance costs formula
  • Building a predictions component (using Pandas and hopefully manually) to experiment with ML
  • Visualizing the output using Matplotlib

Your feedback is appreciated!!