Medical Insurance Project (Analizing Smoker Data)

Hello Everyone!

I just completed my Insurance Project and I would love to hear your thoughts.

The hardest part for me was putting the information in my arrays from the csv file. I was originally trying to put them into the arrays all at one time but couldn’t figure it out. Eventually I did it as was shown in the example. After that it was pretty smooth sailing. I have done a couple personal projects that use classes so that was my go to method for the analysis functions themselves.

At first I tried doing it in a Jupyter Notebook, but I personally still find VS easier, so that’s what I used. I am sure Jupyter will make more sense as I get practice with it, but I’m not there yet.

I think this project took me around 3 hours or so to complete with a big chunk just bringing over the csv data.

Congrats on completing the project. :partying_face:

Some thoughts:

  • create a README file for the repo so anyone reading it will know what your project is about.
  • Because it’s just a .py file, we can’t see the executed code, or, the resultant output from your code.
    By using Jupyter or Google Colab, there are markdown/text cells (where you can describe your step by step thought processes) and code cells where you can write and execute the code. All you’d have to do is import csv & probably numPy b/c you’re dealing with arrays at the top of the notebook file and whatever other Python libraries you’d use to analyze the data set & you’re good to go.

Happy coding!

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