Medical insurance costs project solution

This project was challenging for me. Was the first time I worked with a class type and I liked it. Take me all day to get this solution. If you have a more efficient way to deal with for loops I appreciate to share it with us.

Thanks, and happy coding!!!

My solution link


I was really confused by this one. I just used pandas so it only took about 10 lines but have a feeling I wasnt meant to. I was following this course before and since it updated I seem to be jumping all around the place. I havent even covered how to use classes in python yet.

I started this portfolio project but I’m not sure if I’m doing it ‘properly’.

I also used pandas and was going to stick some visualisation in using matplotlib.

I then had a look at the ‘solution’ and it does seem to involve using some different methods/techniques.

P.S. Also having problems with the course jumping about.

Hey Norie,

I am the curriculum developer who authored this portfolio project and would love to help clear up any confusion. You are free to come up with your own creative solution, so there is no one ‘proper’ answer/technique. The solution provided as a guide only includes methods using basic Python fundamentals because of where the project falls in the career path (right after the introductory Python material – so not many libraries have been introduced if you go in order). However, if you know how to use pandas and matplotlib (or any other libraries/techniques), definitely do so! Make this project your own and show off your skills!

I hope this helps, and I am happy to answer any other questions about this project or the career path in general. :smile:


Hi Ashley,

I would love to clear up any confusion you have. This portfolio project follows all the basic Python fundamental material (from syntax up to classes and some basic libraries). Because of that, the hints and solution code show techniques using functions and classes in Python. However, you are encouraged to use whatever skills you want, and make this portfolio project your own! If you know how to use pandas (or any other library), definitely feel free to do so!

I hope this helps, and I am happy to answer any other questions about this project or the career path in general. :smile:

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Thanks for the clarification.

Hey jrich20 I’d like to jump in and ask a question if you don’t mind. I’m looking through the different medical insurance cost projects that were completed and submitted to the forums and I keep reading the first line where you are supposed to create a variable and seeing that a bunch of people used def to create the variable and I don’t believe the course went over what that function does or how to use it up until the point where you are supposed to complete the project. Just curious if you can just define that variable with the = instead?

Could you add a brief code snippet of what you mean? Variable assignment in python uses =; using def creates a function. At this moment the current data science path introduces both functions and classes prior to this portfolio project (there are several similarly named medical insurance projects before this portfolio project). Whilst you could theoretically do this project at any point if you’re unfamiliar with Python syntax you may have a hard time.


That’s a great question. Using def does not define a variable. It actually defines a function. We have a lesson on functions that covers what def keyword does. Hopefully it will clear up any confusion. I am happy to answer any other questions you have about this project or any of the material it covers. :smile:

I’m not be able to find the solution for this project, Can any one share the link please?