Medical Insurance Costs - Portfolio Project

HI All,

New poster here.

I have recently completed the US Medical Insurance Costs Portfolio Project. This project was a lot of fun and I enjoyed putting together everything I have learned so far.

It took me roughly 3-4 hours, but i’m sure i’ll be adding more to it later. :slightly_smiling_face:

Link Here

Thanks everyone, would love any feedback.

Congrats on completing the project. And yep, it’s one that you’ll revisit as you progress thru the course.


  • I like the introductory blurb at the top of the notebook & use of comments tells the reader your intentions. Where did the data come from? Kaggle? (I cannot recall).

  • seems you have a solid understanding on how to write functions.

  • there are 1338 records in the data set, not 1339 (you don’t count the column names row).
    See (this is using Pandas):

>>(1338, 7) #rows, cols
  • the avg. charge isn’t $1338, it’s $13270. But, in this case it’s better to calculate the median b/c there are outliers in the data that pull the mean. So, I think that function needs to be tweaked a bit.
>>count     1338.00
mean     13270.42
std      12110.01
min       1121.87
25%       4740.29
50%       9382.03
75%      16639.91
max      63770.43
  • Maybe rather than calculating the sum totals for each region and men vs. women, it would be a better idea to find the median for each? Just a thought.

  • the visualizations are missing. Or, maybe you meant to add them at a later date?

Good work! Happy coding. :woman_technologist:

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Thanks for your reply and insightful feedback!

I will definitely be tweaking based on your suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

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