Medical Insurance Costs: I'd like to hear Feedback

I finished work on my first project.
It was very interesting to look for some patterns and dependencies of some values per argument.
It wasn’t as complicated as it was interesting and cool.
I want to hear your Feedback to know what to pay attention to in the future.

GitHub - HJyup/U.S.-Medical-Insurance-Costs-Data-Science: This is an open project where you have to analyze the date to get the information. This project is the first in Codecademy. - my github project.

P.S. Don’t kill me for English, it isn’t my native language, but I am rapidly learning it

Your project is great! It was cool to see graphs to support the data. If you were still interested, I think you could pull some additional complex insights. I also didn’t notice any “issues” with your English. It was all clear.

I see that you chose to use some additional libraries. Have you considered adding this on Kaggle if you haven’t already? I think it’d be a great place to have another portfolio.

As far as costs by age, have you considered plotting 2 lines that separate some other factor alongside age like gender; Are men’s or women’s costs higher?