Hey guys , i was trying to solve the median problem the code seems to me to be correct but still getting an error message ! ,i can find out where is my mistake any help pls !
here is my code :smile:

def median(x):
new=sorted(x) # new sorted lis
median=0 # variable initiated to 0 to store the medium
if len(new) %2==0:
median+= (new[len(x)//2.0]+new[(len(x)//2.0)-1])/2.0

return median

where is the mistake ?
thanks !!


In your solution, the following code would be executed:

if len(new) % 2 == 0:
	return (new[len(x) // 2.0] + new[(len(x) // 2.0) - 1]) / 2.0
	return new[len(x) // 2]

This is improper due to the fact that a list cannot accept a float as an index; it must be an integer value. The following error is produced:

TypeError: list indices must be integers, not float.

Instead, you'll want to remove the decimal from these values as to interpret them as integers. Keep in mind that you'll still want to return the final value as a float.

Additionally, I see no reason why the median value can't simply be returned, instead of storing as a variable, since no other modification needs to be made. (This isn't necessary for the code to validate, however.)

Modified Code:

def median(x):
	new = sorted(x)
	if len(new) %2 == 0:
		return (new[len(x) // 2] + new[(len(x) // 2) - 1]) / 2.0
		return new[len(x) // 2]


thanks matt !!! i get my error now it all clear
code well !