Median - invalid syntax errors


Median exercise (practice makes perfect):

In my code for the exercise I keep getting 'invalid syntax' errors in different places. I do get the error if I want to use 'else'/'elif' for the second condition in the loop (count%2), but not if I use another 'if' (as in the code below).

Also, I do get the invalid syntax error if I want to return median2, as it is in the code below now, but not if I don't define median2 but instead return its content directly (as in return (sorted_list[len(sorted_list)/2.0] + sorted_list[((len(sorted_list)/2.0)+1)*0.5]).

Then, however I receive the invalid syntax error for my lisst definition (lisst=[4,4,5,5]).

What am I doing wrong here? What is the reason for these errors and why do they sometimes disappear (as I described above)?

Many thanks for help.

def median(lisst):
    sorted_list = sorted(lisst)
    for i in range(len(sorted_list)):
        count+= 1
    return count
    if count%2 != 0:
        median1 = sorted_list[(len(sorted_list)+1)/2.0]
    return median1
    if count%2 == 0:
        median2 = (sorted_list[len(sorted_list)/2.0] + sorted_list[((len(sorted_list)/2.0)+1)*0.5]
    return median2

lisst = [4,4,5,5]
print median(lisst)


Your return statements should be in line with the median1/median2 statements. Also you should use if and then else instead of if twice


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