Media queries


I am unable to access this section of Responsive Design since yesterday. I finished the first section yesterday and was on my first exercise of "Media Queries " when I was met with Unable to connect to Codecademy error. Since then I haven’t been able to access it. Has anyone experienced the same?

Thank you.

It could be a problem on your side, which can likely be fixed by using a different browser for a while, or on CC’s side, in which case you’ll just have to wait until it gets fixed there.



I tried a different browser it is still the same. I can access other Courses but for some reason responsive design seem to be stuck on

¨Sorry about that!

There are a lot of people taking this course right now! It might be unavailable until the crowd clears.

Until then, how about taking one of our other courses?¨

That course is extremely new and will have a lot of users accessing it right now, so all you can do is what the message says and try another course (or wait), sorry :confused:

About how many users at a time can access a course?