Mechanical Keyboard for coding

Hi guys,
since I’m coding for several hours a day I realized that my normal ASUS Keyboard puts a lot of stress on my hands. Now I decided that I’m going to buy a mechanical keyboard. There are several types on amazon but there are always some horribly bad reviews for each and every one of them. Also they are mostly reviewed by gamers.
So I thought I’d asky my fellow coders here.
I’m looking for a mechanical keyboard with these features:

Budget is around 100$
Cherry MX Blue Switches
Standard layout

Right now I’m thinking about the Razer Black Widow Ultimate and this one;


It doesn’t have original Cherry Switches but hey, it’s a lot cheaper.

Any help would be appreciated.



Hello Marcel!

I’ve had both the Black Widow Ultimate and a VAVA, and the VAVA felt better (gaming mostly, but writing for long periods of time didn’t feel bad either) :smiley:

so My recommendation is the Vava. (Or Corsair Keyboards, but they have reds instead of blues)