Meaning of "code" in SQL Query


I am new to coding, so my question is very basic. I was wondering what the meaning of the word 'code' was. I do not see an columb labeled "code" in the table. (Though it is in the DATABASE SCHEMA) So I was wondering what this part of the query meant. Sorry if this questions is very basic.

Thanks for the clarification, everyone, :slight_smile:


code means code(program instructions)

are you talking about code editior?
then its just the place where we write the code you can say on which we write the code.

sorry i didn't get it.
what was the line there?also include the link that goes to the lesson



Code is Nothing But a Structure that should be Understand by the Tools in which you done your Programming.
Tools means if you have working with then Visual Studio or Sql Server you need to use for a Coding.
If you have Create any of the Query then ask any time.

Divyesh Padamani


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