Meal Maker

Hey y’all. After completing the Make Meals and Team Stats projects I decided to go back and add some stuff to the Make Meals projects much like we did for the Team Stats project. I am new to this and it is probably crude, but take a look and let me know what y’all think:

``` const menu = { _meal: [], _price:[], get meals(){ return this._meal; }, get prices(){ return this._price; }, // add a meal to specials addMeal(newName, newMain,newSide, newDrink){ const meal = { name: newName, main: newMain, side: newSide, drink: newDrink }; this._meal.push(meal); }, // add a price to specials addPrice(newMeal, newCost){ const price = { name: newMeal, cost: newCost }; this._price.push(price); } }; // End of menu Object // Standard Special Meals menu._meal.push({ name: 'Pizza', main: 'Pizza', side: 'House Salad', drink: 'Medium' }, { name: 'Chicken Fingers', main: 'Chicken Fingers', side: 'French Fries', drink: 'Medium' }, { name: 'Cheeseburger', main: 'Cheesburger', side: 'French Fries', drink: 'Medium' }); // Standard Specials Price menu._price.push({ name: 'Pizza', cost: 9.99 }, { name: 'Chicken Fingers', cost: 5.99 }, { name: 'Cheeseburger', cost: 12.99 }); //add meal menu.addMeal('Cesar Salad', 'Cesar Salad', 'None', 'Large'); menu.addPrice('Cesar Salad', 14.99); console.log(menu.meals); console.log(menu.prices); ```