Meal Maker

The Meal Maker and the preceding getter/setter part of the Javascript Syntax 2 - Advanced Objects lesson seems to be of way lower quality than the material we’ve encountered so far.

The lesson does not make a good job of explaining getters/setters, why we use them and what exactly they do. The author says “function” repeatedly when they mean method (this gets me, as a new learner, into a real tizz) and the code presented in the “Hint” section is different to the code presented in the video solution. The Meal Maker project then asks you to code a bunch of getters and setters that have no functionality within the code.

I’ve seen a member of Codeacademy staff in another thread saying they’ll look into this and maybe revamp the lesson/project. That was in March '19. Can we get this fixed?

I’m really enjoying learning with Codeacademy so far but this lesson and exercise has really stood out because it’s so poorly explained/executed.

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Having read around a bit, it seems that getters and setters are usually used in conjuction with private variables and prevent problems related to class.

The lesson does not cover what a private variable is or why we would use one nor have we even been introduced to the concept of a class yet. I think this needs re-done.