Meal maker project

in this project i don’t know why the codecademy ingeneer have used the “get course function”

Hi method3884535642,
To better understand your problem, It’s recommended to show us the lines of code you’re having trouble with.
you can mark it with three back-ticks (```) at the start and at the end of the paragraph and it’ll look like this:

console.log('Hello World!');

master i ask about this function :
get courses () {

return {





why codecademy ingeneer have declare this function if there’s not useful in project

The “get” (and “set”) methods in an object are code constructs that help developers access the properties of objects in a secure way. With getters, you can access ( “get”) the values of properties from external code, while setters let you change ( “set”) their values.

Even though they are not particularly useful in this project, they will be useful in many others, and it’s common practice to add them for properties you’ll need to access or change later.

A video that really helped me understand them is this one by Mosh: