Meal Maker -- meals not saving to arrays

So I’m working on the Meal Maker project, and I’m not receiving any errors in my code: however, I keep getting this as a result:

The numbers do change whenever I refresh the screen, so I know that the objects are being accessed and that they do change, but the name of each meal isn’t being displayed for some reason. I logged the courses to the console and I got the arrays, but rather than listing the meals they simply say [Object object…] for each meal I put in the array (would attach an image but codecademy says I can only attach one image :frowning:)

I am thinking that the error is in the addDishToCourse method, but after watching the video I can’t see any real differences between the demo and my code, so if anyone could help me out I’d greatly appreciate it!

Here’s the code for the section I think is causing the issue, but let me know if you’d like to see another section: thanks again!

You should be saving the arrays correctly…

Double check your generateRandomMeal method. You are returning the dish objects instead of the dish names (property).

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that worked! thank you!

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By chance, what ended up being the solution? I seem to be running into the same issue but can’t quite figure it out per the advice provided here!