Meal Maker course needs work

Hi, I just finished this project (whew) and although it has some potential, I think it was unnecessarily hard and needs some tweaking.

For one, it asked us to create a bunch of getter/setter functions which weren’t ever used in the project. That just confused what was already a pretty decent step up in difficulty.

Secondly and much worse, is that the hints were actively incorrect and misleading. Instead of using the right verbiage, the hints used similar words, leading me to try to use those words. Worse than that even, is that some steps were skipped. For example, the hint might suggest this.appetizer when it was actually this._course.appetizer. At least it seems that way to me.

I think it would have been a lot less confusing if the hints were either clearly not related to the project, but similar examples/patterns, or else were, well, correct.

Another niggle is that some of the variable names recommended by the directions were not very helpful and in fact confusing.

Besides that, the project itself was rather complicated, definitely complicated enough that these other factors made it difficult–but not in a good way difficult (IMO). And I see lots of other people have had issues with the project. It would be a really good one, again IMO, with a few tweaks.

Valid points. As to the above, the difference might well be of context. If the getters/setters are inside the _courses object body then the former would apply. I’ve not seen many written that way though. Most are as you describe, outside of the _courses object, so in menu context.

We’ll refer this to the curriculum team for review and possible revision. Only thing is there is a walk through video that would have to be revised to match the changes made in the course. This could take months to implement.

Thanks for taking a look. I saw a lot of people were having problems, so I thought I’d chime in. I ended up tossing out my first attempt and starting fresh, forgoing all the getter functions to simplify things, and test and log at each step. So it wasn’t a bad thing for me to do by any means.

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