Me need help


i need help with the java. plz help moi


Sure, I would like to help you. Which exercise are you working on and what have you tried so far?


anyone?? i don’t understand anything!!! :weary:


i have no clue. i just do not understand


Which exercise please?


i need help on the introduction to Java language


can somebody help me on the Learn Java 5. Variables


Step 1 : Set the int variable myNumber equal to the value 42.

That looks like this:

int myNumber = 42;


thank you for helping. now i am on learn Java 6. Whitespace do u think u can help me


Sure. The instructions for 6 says “Place System.out.println(isFormatted); on line 5 so that it is easier to read.” – what is the problem that you are having with that?


I also need help it keeps saying there’s a problem with my syntax

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it still says there’s a problem


Hi, everyone.

The best way to learn this material is to first give it a good try. Then, if you are still stuck, post your code, formatted correctly, along with any error messages you may have received, and your question about what you would like explained.

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