Me and my bro only


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var strength = '50,000 pounds';
var myAge = 15;
var hasPet = true;
console.log('How much stuff can a variable hold?',strength);

There is no limit. A variable is just a street address, in a sense. How big can a house be? Or an apartment building? Or an office tower? No matter how big it is, it still has the one address.

A variable is a reference to a value or object. Memory is the container, and the starting address of the data (the header) is all the variable needs to store.

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it keeps on saying error i just don’t get what’s wrong. and P.S this is for me and my brother only. sorry :disappointed_relieved:

Could you post a link to the exercise, and the error message. Please and thanks.

Edit: added link to opening post.

this is my code i’m very stuck
var strength = ‘50,000 pounds’;
var myAge = 15;
var hasPet = true;
console.log(‘How much stuff can a variable hold?’,strength);

ops sorry bout that very sorry

and change the myStrength to just strength

what are you sorry for about?

saying your name :sob:

does your name start with a J @minecraftmaster02

why do you want know?

but am i wright ? hahahahahahahahaha :joy:

oh and just cause i wondering

this is a forum stop this and people will try to help

What error message you have after you updated the code?

OH WRIGHT sorry everybody bout that

Yes what message are you getting

a typo or something about that

Oops! The test returned an error. Maybe you have a syntax error, or a typo.

i don’t know what i’m doing wrong

You should refresh browser, or try to use “Reset Code” button (please, copy yuor code before). Also string should be the same as instruction says. So, try it and let us know about result.