May you help me pyhton 3

Question 1:
Make a list for a shopping list for following items:
Milk, Eggs, Flour, Rice, Oranges, Apples
In the shop, make user check if the selected item is in the list. If entered item is in the list, remove it from the list,
add to the basket, show a “added to the basket” message with the number of items in the list and the basket.
Display the remaining items in the shopping list.
Shopping finishes when all items are collected.
Sample Output:
Enter item name: Chocolate
Chocolate is not in the shopping list (6)
Enter item name: Apples
Apples in the list, added to the list (1): [“Apples”]
5 more items to get: [“Milk”, “Eggs”, “Flour”, “Rice”, “Oranges”]
Enter item name: Milk
Milk in the list, added to the list (2), [“Apples”, “Milk”]
4 more items to get: [ “Eggs”, “Flour”, “Rice”, “Oranges”]

Enter item name: Eggs
Eggs in the list, added to the list(6), [“Apples”, “Milk”, “Flour”, “Rice”, “Oranges”, “Eggs”]
All items are collected.
Shopping is finished.

how can ı wrıte

shoppinglist = ["Milk", "Eggs", "Flour", "Rice", "Oranges", "Apples"]
basket = []
while len(shoppinglist) > 0:
    item = input("enter product name:")

if item in shoppinglist:
    print(item, "is not in the shopping list:",len(shoppinglist))
print("shopping is finished")

the code which removes items from the shopping list is not in the body of the loop.