May I know how to use this application?

Hi Everyone ,
I am new to C++ , I would like to know how to get start with c++
and I really want to know to how to get start with this github project .

Thank you

Hey there, Franki! Welcome to the forums :tada: Get started with C++ by starting here:

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This Github Project Contains Very Advanced C++. Do You Know Basic Syntaxes of C++? Well, in Codecademy There Is Not Advanced C++, You can learn here basic as well as intermediate c++ in codecademy.

OMG… Thank you so much for your advise ketanpal . I have been ask for this question for a long time in order forum but no help.I would really like to know is there any other way to learn the advanced c++ in order to using this github properly.I am very begining level of c++

You can see basic and intermediate c++ course in any freemium platform like codecademy, sololearn, learnvern, etc. Advanced c++ will be paid, but you can see advanced c++ courses as well as any topic of c++ that you like after learning the basic syntaxes of c++ from youtube experts. You can also learn basic, intermediate, advanced and game development with unreal engine in c++ in youtube. You can also take courses of c++ from Cave of Programming