May be an error in code verification


Dear All,

I have just tried to pass the Math

I have just tried to pass the Math function II. in Functions I. I have realized that a verification procedure always asking for integer output from rand() even though they have not asked for it. Could you please help me out in order to pass this part? Here is my code below and the print screen.
your answer will be greatly appreciated.

    // Use rand() to print a random number to the screen
    print round(rand(1,10));
    // Use your knowledge of strlen(), substr(), and rand() to
    // print a random character from your name to the screen.
    $name = "radvanszki";
    print substr($name, round(rand(0,strlen($name))-1), 1);



Confused over why you chose to round an integer?

The question relates to round() expecting a float, not an integer.


What is this? Certainly not well-formed markup. Pardon the snideness. Driving a point home... Take care of the well-formedness of your documents. This is the most crucial part of web publishing. The document is the basis of the DOM tree. A badly formed document can affect scripts and css like nobody's business; mark my word.


With out the round() the issue is the same: