May 4th

Good day everyone!! :grinning:

May the fourth be with you!! We plan to celebrate by watching the original trilogy.



a.k.a. the best three.

I only (finally) watched Rise of Skywalker at the weekend.

(It was not worth the wait, imho.)

Had to laugh when I saw one meme on FB with this caption, and a picture of USS Enterprise. Somebody doesn’t know their sci-fi.


We still have not gotten to see it though I really want to. I don’t think the latest three were as good as the first two trilogies.

:laughing: That’s hilarious. I love it when you see stuff like that.

There are some quality memes around this…

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It was difficult to tell if they mixed up their reference on purpose, just to get a laugh. They got me.

It’s past midnight in Athens, so: Revenge of the 5th!

Also happy cinco de Mayo to my Mexican friends


That was clever my friend. :laughing:
Or I just have never heard it before, either way it made me laugh.

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