Maximum Recursion Depth Exceeded Runtime Error - Help please!


Link to Python excerise I am struggling with:

My code is below, and generates the following error message... Not sure what I am missing....

"Oops, try again. The following exception was raised when calling the_flying_circus(): RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded"

def the_flying_circus():
if the_flying_circus():
return True
elif the_flying_circus():
the_flying_circus() != the_flying_circus1 and (2 < 1)
return False
print "none of the above"

PS post here is eating my indentations for if, elif, else, and items under them


You are calling the function inside of it's own definition.


lol thanks! I just solved it looking at someone else's unrelated question. Thanks so much for your speedy reply! It is very encouraging!!!!


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