Max Streak Count of 365 Badge

I finally got this badge after 3 years of trying.

I joined this site Joined Dec 4, 2018. 3 days before my birthday. I had 2 failed attempts due to site updates/mishaps. That’s 831 days I’ve done something on this site. It might be that I completed an entire lesson. Other days just one page of the lesson. On days where I didn’t have time I try to reply to forum post. I have completed 40 courses with my time here.

Some of my work since I joined this site that is unrelated to this site.

(GitHub - milliorn/portfolio: Personal portfolio website.)

[Bootstrap site for Online CRPG Website]
(GitHub - milliorn/ACN-Website)

[.NET Library for Neverwinter Nights Game]
(GitHub - nwn-dotnet/NWN.Managed: A library for accessing NWN and NWNX APIs in a managed way)

[Current project I’m working on]
(GitHub - milliorn/Everyday-Iron: Source code for Everyday Iron Workout Warehouse website.)

I made this post because my time here I have seen people on here and Discord comment on how they are not able to or willing to code every day. If that is you this might not be for you. If you cannot commit to 30 minutes or one hour of this a day I’m not sure how you are going to be able to do this for a full time or contract job. Otherwise, if you set very simple daily goals to commit to and achieve you plan for success. Pace might be slow but making an effort to do something everyday for a year will show you that you can do this everyday for life and enjoy it.


Congratulations! (And I though 100 days was good)


It’s a good start on your way to one year. Your doing good an on your own way like I was.


Congratulations! :partying_face:

I had no idea there was a badge!

I agree…set aside time every day to code (& make sure you understand what you’re learning). I’m on day 275.


Your almost there! Around that many days in I started to get nervous again lol.


hey @psmilliorn, congrats on this incredible milestone, congratulations! As a product manager working on making the learning experience better at Codecademy, I’m super inspired by your persistence, dedication, and hard work! Thank you so much for sharing your accomplishments and advice with everyone :slight_smile:

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Congrats on meeting your goal. Just like you i set aside time to practice my coding everyday. I recently finish my year long goal too. Im at about 62 weeks strong now and hopefully i can keep it up.

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