Mathematical assignment operators

i learnt from codecademy that we have the following mathematical assignment operators: +=, -=, *=, /= .
do we have a mathematical assignment operator like %=

Hello @system5105444792, welcome to the forums. Yes, there is an assignment operator %=. It divides the variable by the number on the right, and returns the remainder. For example:

let var1 = 6;
var1 %= 3;//returns 0 because 6 / 3 leaves a remainder of zero.
let var2 = 7;
var2 %= 3;//returns 1 because 7 / 3 is 2 remainder 1.

I hope this helps!

yeah, it is helpful. but if so, why is it omitted in codecademy’s mathematical assignment operators?

I’m not sure why they omitted it, but I assume that it isn’t widely used, as I can’t think of many times when you would need it. Also, they might have thought it was too much information to take in, or something like that?