Math.random lesson?

It’s outputting a random number but it’s not moving forward with the lesson. I’m just on the first step.

console.log (Math.random() * 100);

its really uncommon to have a space between console.log and (, see what happens when you remove the space. Given console.log() is a function call, a space before the opening parenthesis is really uncommon


It still doesn’t let me move forward even if I remove the space.

can you upload a screenshot?


It’s outputting what it needs to I’m pretty sure, at least, it’s random numbers, so.

and nothing works? refreshing page, different browser? I don’t see a problem with your code


@betawhiz21505 are you currently on task 1 of the lesson random?

I just completed the lesson and I am not getting any error messages myself

Hi @betawhiz21505,

White space really messed some of the exercises’ SCT (submission test), apart from what @stetim94 mentioned, it shouldn’t matter in other part of real code.



without any white space, see if it works. (Just my guess)

Cheers :slight_smile:

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