Math Question (Palindromic Numbers)

Hello! I am a new member in this forum. I have a math question and I can’t solve it. With using console application, how can I solve this? Here is the question :
“Find palindromic numbers that are the product of two three-digit numbers.
As an example : 101x161 = 16261, 924x962 = 888888”
Thanks to everyone!

Hello @beta1583044894, welcome to the forums! Do you mean you have to write a function that takes two numbers as input, then multiplies them, and checks if that is a palindrome?

If so, then how would you do that? Well, you’d want to multiply the numbers together. Then what? Can you think of a way to check if a number (or word) is a palindrome?

It is often good to write pseudo-code for these types of problem. Pseudo code is just instructions written out, but made to sound like code.

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