Math Operators. Task 6/8 there is something wrong


my problem is, anytime I type this code id doesn't work ,but if I tried to copy and paste it, it works I don't know what to do, I mean it's the same code what's wrong?
There are no error messages.
task 6/8.

console.log(math.random() * 100);


Could be because you're writing Math.random with a lowercase 'm' as it could be case sensitive. I tried it with lowercase and uppercase and it only works with an uppercase M in 'Math'.


It's actually working, This was driving me crazy...:smiley:
Thank you very much.


Just for note, Math is a special class of JavaScript, and like all JS classes, starts with a capital letter. In plain language, it is a built-in object.

JS built in objects (ECMA-262)

The Global Object
Object Objects
Function Objects
Array Objects
String Objects
Boolean Objects
Number Objects
The Math Object
Date Objects
RegExp Objects
Error Objects
The JSON Object


Thank you I've tried it and it works.


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