Math Operators Exercise 4 - Can't Progress


My response to the second part of Math Operators Exercise 4 is being marked as incorrect, even when I use the suggested code.

console.log(3.5 + 26);
console.log(2016 - 1969);
console.log(65 / 240);
console.log(0.27083 * 100);

"Inside another console.log, take the current year and subtract 1969.

The answer is how many years it's been since the 1969 moon landing." is being marked wrong, so I can't progress. I've tried resetting the lesson. It doesn't work on Chrome or Microsoft Edge. I have tried running the console.log(2016 - 1969); line separately, but this doesn't work either.

Help please!

EDIT: Never mind, it's because the course hasn't been updated to use "2017" instead of "2016". Silly how something so simple affects it!