MATH for computer science

Hello fellow learners,

Are there any math resources you like have found/find helpful on your path with computing? I’m interested in any thoughts you may want to share about math and your computing journey.

I’m particularly interested in AI and data science tracks, as well as cryptography, so I have a lot of math ahead of me.

I have been going through a phase of recapitulating and improving my rusty math fundamentals. and just developing a new way of relating to and thinking about math. This has required a lot of courage; it is not so difficult as it is tedious to get back into these things I learned, without ever having really properly learned them sequentially when I was younger. It seems one of the major mental obstacles to coding and particular branches of computer science is just dealing with the accumulated detritus and effects of poor math curriculums and unhelpful relationship to math.

I’ve found online “smart” platforms where I can do problems and track my progress most helpful. I love them because they help me make the most of my learning time to make faster progress, moving quickly through material I already understand, and zeroing in and giving me practice on problem sets where I have most rooms for improvement.

I’ve used IXL for this, and also Aleks, but only for the review of the fundamentals so far, not yet for anything past algebra. I also know of a platform called ZyBooks but haven’t used it. Does anyone have any experience with these or thoughts on them or others at fundamentals/algebra level and moving beyond into statistics, precalculus, discrete math, linear algebra, calculus, and other relevant math? I’ll be doing a long sequence of self-learning over the coming year and any thoughts or resources you have to share would be most helpful in tuning my strategy design.

In addition to online AI/Machine Learning-based platforms, I’m interested in books you’ve found effective, forums, online courses, communities or other resources you might recommend. I thank you so much for any insights, resources, comments. All the best!


I hear very good things about Khan Academy (though I haven’t used yet) and there are some yt channels like socratica that present some concepts well.

Be sure to check out Stanford, MIT, and other university’s free yt course videos (they’re quite abundant and some really help out for things like data structures and algorithms etc).

Scribd is pretty affordable and has a ton of textbooks on specific topics (linear algebra, calculus, geometry, statistics, as well as data structures, etc).

I personally recommend Robert Witte’s Statistics, it’s very well thought out and makes it fun (ha?) to study the subject.

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thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post! i really appreciate it. in particular, i haven’t seen the text book you mention. is there something in particular you like about it? i did look in scribd for texts but found it somewhat cumbersome to search for texts without having specific titles. admittedly i didn’t spend much time doing it yet. upon your recommendation i’ll have to spend a bit more time digging around there.

One strategy I take, is I check forums like reddit, discord, irc to see what the top recommended books on any topics are and I check scribd or buy them myself if I really want to get good at that topic.

As for the Witte, I’m including a screenshot to help.

Considering I’ve been reading a lot of textbooks these months, Witte has a combination of having really good/clear/concise/organized information while also striking a light tone. A great textbook really only needs to be clear and organized by my standards, but for it to find moments of levity really translates the joy in the craft (hence my recommendation).

You’ll see it’s the listing under “Documents”