Mastering python through codecademy, am i losing my time?

i feel like i can be walking via those lessons and not in reality gaining useful capabilities or understanding. my ultimate purpose is to be enough sufficient to tackle side projects and subsequently make a career out of coding.

i selected python because of it being the easiest and recommended entry level language. i am simply curious if it is everyday to experience like taking walks via fog at the same time as doing those on line courses?

the route says i’m 29% via the course and that seems quick thinking about i’ve handiest been doing this for about a month now. all and sundry else strive codecademy and their python software?

Hi there. Welcome to the forums.

I think what you’re saying is that you’ve been working on the Python course for a while, but are concerned that you’re only 30% of the way through and that it seems to be taking longer than you expected for you to grasp the material?

If so, then what I would say to you is that you should not worry if it takes you longer than the estimated time - or longer than other people - to understand what is being taught in the course. The important thing is that you take as much time as necessary to understand, and not simply rush on ahead out of some sense that you “should be further along”.

thank you my issue has been solved

I think codeacademy is very useful for some elements of python, and not others. Python is a very broad language. I personally recommend supplementing CA with a reference book (like O’Reilly’s is good entry-level) and some youtube channels you think are clear (I like Socratica and Corey Schaffer).

We don’t all learn the same way so it’s up to you to find what works for you too.