Marvin_9000 - 21 card game with random insane robot comments

The Marvin_9000 is a insane, sarcastic, funny, scary and menacing AI on the spaceship you are travelling on.
He wants to do one of 2 things, eject you into space and play a very basic card game of 21.
But mostly wants to eject you into space.

This project is partially complete, it will play only one round for now, the intention is to make it the best of 5 rounds.
Also there is a lot of other things I need to or want to tweak such as more random comments, rules of the game, ease of use of the interface ie information on game progress, some code redesign and tweaking, add more commentary, remove some commentary.

Due to the intersection of this project, Christmas Holiday, New years Holiday and real life I simply ran out of time to focus more time and thus will have to revisit this project for fun and for practice, however I must press on to the next module of study for now.

Git Hub link: GitHub - DFwells1/Codecademy_terminal_game: This is my Codecademy terminal game project for module CS101 Introduction to programming final project.

Edit: All feedback is very welcome and appreciated thank you in advance.