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Hello, fellow coders!

I just finished my Personal Portfolio project. Here is the link:

I must say that now I understand the idea behind planning on what you would like to see on your page. I didn’t sit down and do the proper planning, I did just go with the flow and if idea came to my mind, I tried to implement as I go. Not the best way because often I had to adjust my HTML and if I had done some CSS, I had to adjust that as well, eg, add new div container.

The project was done for desktop and mobile versions and I left out tablet. It already took nine days to finish.

Struggled with footer for a while and for some reason (I don’t remember why) I made main element of the code with position: absolute. Therefore I lost couple of hours trying to figure out why my footer does not stay at the bottom.

Another fun thing I learned was how to add JS script to specific media query. That will be useful as I continue to learn.

I’d say the project was hard mostly because of my own mistakes and trying to figure them out. Other than that - I’ve learned to enjoy coding projects like this.

Any kind of feedback would be appreciated. May be any of you have a guide or tips on how to structure CSS file? Mine was a big mess. Also tips on how to work with multiple html files that are connected to one css file would be appreciated. My selectors overlapped and I had to make multiple arbitrary IDs so I didn’t style each html file’s main element the same way (they needed to be different for each page).

I also copied code for header and footer to every page (is that the most efficient way to do it?).

Sorry for so many questions, I don’t expect to hear all the answers so any kind of tip or help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Martins Auseklis


Hello and welcome to you as well!

Yeah, the same thing happens to me - I think it’s normal to some to not exactly want to plan what you’re going to do, and just go with it. Though it does make some more work haha.

That’s awesome - I’m envious of your dedication to making it responsive (9 days?!)

Pretty cool - It’s great that you’ve learned a few skills and tricks from making this website (which looks amazing, by the way).

If you could link to the Github repo, that would be appreciated - then I can look through your code and give you feedback on that as well. Though here is a pretty useful resource to keep in mind regarding your CSS.

I believe that’s the only way to do it, though it might not be.

Congratulations on completing your personal portfolio!

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