Markov Python Final Project


This is my Markov Final Project. I intend to put this app on an html page and include that on my college resume. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have. I would also like feedback on any errors or issues you had while testing the code.
Follow the link to access the code on github here
import urllib2
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

def get_data():
	site = raw_input('Enter lyric url here(azlyrics only): ')
	page = urllib2.urlopen(site)
	html_doc =
	soup = BeautifulSoup(html_doc, 'html.parser')
	a = soup.find_all('div')
	for div in a:
		if div.has_attr('class') == False and div.has_attr('id') == False:
			return div.get_text().encode('UTF-8')
This program prompts you to insert lyric urls from azlyrics.
It mixes up the lyrics and gives you a new song in the same words by using a Markov Chain Generator
from fetch_data import get_data
from markov_python.cc_markov import MarkovChain

num = int(raw_input("How many songs do you want to mash up? "))

def get_songs():
	for i in range(num):

mc = MarkovChain()
output = mc.generate_text(num * 20)

print " ".join(output)


I think it looks good. Keep up the good work