Marketing attribution project for coolTshirts

Hey everyone,
I just finished the marketing attribution project for coolTshirts and wanted to submit my presentation for your feedback. ( drive link )
Hope it’s good.

  • babylongbot

Hi babylongbot!

Thanks for sharing your project! It was really cool to learn from your work.
We mostly had similar answers. So I will just mention the differences I observed.

  1. Question 1: I counted 4 sources which I learnt from your work that mine was wrong. You counted 8 sources - but since the question asked for unique sources, you needed to use count(distinct) in your code to get to the right answer which is 6 unique sources.

  2. Question 6: I found that all 8 campaigns led to a purchase.
    This was code:

WITH last_touch AS ( SELECT user_id, MAX(timestamp) as last_touch_at FROM page_visits

GROUP BY user_id)
COUNT (lt.last_touch_at) AS ‘Number of last touches’ FROM last_touch lt

JOIN page_visits pv
ON lt.user_id = pv.user_id
AND lt.last_touch_at = pv.timestamp GROUP BY 2;

  1. Question 7 - I answered names of campaigns. You answered either sources (for some you had combination of campaigns and sources). Out of the 5 we had 3 or 4 similar: newsletter, interview with founder, retargeting ad, (maybe getting to know cooltshirts(?)