Marketing Attribution - SQL

Hi All,

I started the Data Science path about two months ago and am loving it! Really happy I now know where I want to take my career, and being able to do a lesson before work each morning is awesome.

I’m curious about the third question in the Marketing Attribution SQL project focused on

When asked to find the number of first touches each campaign is responsible for, I provided the query in the attached link.

I looked into the hint to check my work, and the answer was shown to add a second separate query within the WITH statement instead, but both provide the same answer. Is there a reason I should create a new separate query versus adjusting the SELECT statement?


I had a similar question when going through this project. It doesn’t seem like the extra WITH statement, ft_attr, is necessary here. Seems like your code is doing it in one query, more efficiently. although, I’m just learning this stuff too. Another submission for this project mentioned the same things as well, though.