Mark as done

Hey, so I’m pretty new to codecademy and I’ve been using it for a few hours now. I’m somewhat an experienced developer but I can’t say that I don’t need codecademy so I’m taking the courses. But for example, in the Back-End Engineer career path, I want to mark ~70% percent of the course as done and just take the ones that I actually need. But I couldn’t figure a way to do it. It does exist in other platforms, so I’m hoping that it’s just my silliness that I can’t figure it out.

Hey, @net7765459610 welcome to the forums.

There is no way to mark stuff as done without doing it even if you already know that stuff.


I was never really experienced in coding, but before I came here I had coded a little bit in the past, but going through what codecademy had I found a lot of stuff that I didn’t learn when I was doing it prior to finding codecademy, so you may want to just go through it again. That being said, I don’t know exactly how much you’ve coded, so do what you think is best.