March Study Group

Wahooooo! Woot woot! @melinda_h

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I am 70% done with cybersecurity fundamentals skill path. I will be taking the advanced course next. God Cyber security is so fascinating and before learning programming at all I was so intrigued by Pen Testing. Thinking I can take CompSci knowledge and dabble into cybersec to propel me into the career I want. I applied for an internal job that is closer in the direction of programing hoping i get it.

Stay humble. Even if you know it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t relearn it. Even masters practice their art.

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With family today so not in study mode. Some free time tomorrow (at least in theory) so plan to get back onto Tea Cozy. Will incorportate use of git and branching.

Is not making time in amongst the family stuff a block? Perhaps it is. Perhpas the art of making progress is to find the moments, no matter how small, when the focus can be on the path. Thinking that study has to be in big chunks is a form of resistance.

Motivated to make sense of the above.

  • Today we are getting ready to host family for Easter so just some Practice Sessions, reading through some documentation on some things I would like to add to my Portfolio page.

  • No Blockers today.

  • Motivation is High can’t wait for Monday to get back to work on this Reddit Project.


Well that was the plan. I’ve looked at the next steps but in sorting it I’m too tired to think about anything so am turning in. Maybe tomorrow.

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Learning: I am going to say I completed the Piano Keys assignment. There were two things I could not figure out, but I got the general idea down. I started the Introduction to Form Validation section.

Blocker: My main blocker had to do with an issue in resetting the Piano Keys assignment. I have absolutely no idea why I cannot reset it. I looked at the HTML and JavaScript. Everything is labeled correctly. I also made sure the correct button was hidden and/ or shown. If someone has any tips, I would be grateful. Otherwise, I have decided to move on.

Secondly, I kept getting a strikethrough on the following:

let eventAssignment = function(note) {
note.onmousedown = function() {
note.onmouseup = function() {

The strikethrough was happening on (event) even though the code worked during this portion of the exercise.

State of Mind: After I write down some notes, I am going to relax.


Learning: I completed the Front-End Engineer path’s sections for Introduction to Form Validation and HTML Forms. I started the Form Validation section.

Blocker: When I read the following, from the HTML Forms: Review, I got confused:

  • The <form>‘s action attribute determines where the form’s information goes.
  • The <form>‘s method attribute determines how the information is sent and processed.

However, the concept makes complete sense to me when coding. I am not sure why I have a disconnect between explanation and application.

State of Mind: This morning, I had creamed eggs on toast and mowed the lawn. I also added JavaScript to my 100DaysOfCode project. The project is an ice cream locator app. I have been building the website for it. I was happy to have the reference to the Piano Keys project as I am utilizing the techniques used in that assignment to hide and show details about the features of the app. Also, I am looking forward to eating lobster and lemon meringue pie tonight; but, first, I am going to catch up on my flashcards. In addition, someone helped me understand what people mean when they say “Vanilla JavaScript” and “Tailwind CSS,” so I am happy.


Ho hum!
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I forgot to update here last week. I did some more work on the Authentication and Authorization Unit. I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would so far. Other than that I have been doing some additional study on modern approaches to WordPress development using things like Lando, WordPress CLI, GitHub etc.

Motivation is still high - hopefully I will have time for some more study this week.

Thanks everyone for the congratulations :slight_smile:

  • Ok, today I did some practice as usual, then worked on my Reddit project. I worked on my Reddit Feed component because it was not displaying correctly. I was able to find the issue and resolve that. Then did some clean up in git with the branches I had created for this project.

  • The only blockers for today is just wanting more time to work on this project. I had a couple issues but using some simple trouble shooting I was able to resolve easily today.

  • Motivation is good today. :+1:

I hope everyone is having a great Monday and making some progress as well!


April 1st

No joke, completed my Cybersecurity Foundations course. Misplasu Profile

Today I am trying to complete the Learn the Command Line course. Trying to learn command line so i can use my Konsole better on my home laptop, since it runs on linux.

Blockers are that I am stressed and need some time to myself but unable to find peace of mind at the moment.

Motivation is getting closer and getting smarter.


No joke, completed my Cybersecurity Foundations course. Misplasu Profile

Congratulations! That is awesome!

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Learning: I completed the Building Interactive Websites section of the Front-End Engineer path. Specifically, I finished the following today: Form Validation, HTML Forms, and Form a Story.

Blocker: I had one hiccup when I got to the section of the Form a Story project. Yet, overall, it went smoothly, and I was able to resolve that issue.

State of Mind: I am excited about the Git and GitHub section, because I feel as though my commit messages on GitHub are still not following convention. I have researched, but I am still confused.


No study today. We we driving home from the West Country. Not much over the weekend either but have crept forward with the Tea Cozy, one stitch at a time.



Congrats to everyone that work through their lessons and projects in March! We are moving to a new topic for the month of April. See you all there :smiley:


Continue studying together in April’s topic!