March Study Group

Today I’m starting with web apps where is supposed to use our previous knowledge.
My learning path is at 37%.

After finishing up the back-end section I’ll try to tackle the E-Commerce (REST API) project before taking the exams and moving on to the Full-Stack Development section. Then, once I’ve worked through the full-stack section I’ll focus on some personal projects, update my portfolio site, and start applying for jobs! Still have a ways to go, but making good progress!

I am working for front-end engineer career path. I had a break for a few months an now i’m back. I’m trying to code my own project and at the end of the March i want to share it at here. To finish that project is my first purpose of joining the group and the second one is make my Path’s percentage min %30 at the same time.

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how close are you in percentage? Sounds like preeeetty close?

Thank you for stopping by today Rehab! I hope you find success in your learning journey :smiley:

You can do it in 3 months if you manage to find the time and motivation. Good luck!

Don’t forget to ask for help if you get stuck with any projects!

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Working on the Tea Cozy OPP. Got stuck on the background-image thing. I had it working on a previous runthrough so I know I’ll be able to work it out tomorrow. I just have to take it steady.
Block: carrying on banging my head against the familiar brick wall for too long and not stepping back/away soon enough.
Motivation’s still a 10 though.

React, here we go! I’m feeling very enthusiastic to dive into this framework and see what is really capable to.

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@fedegl I am at 49% overall. So just getting started on the last Front-end project which looks like it will take some time to complete and then I can take the assessments.

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Going over git and GitHubPages again. I am constantly amazed at how little I managed to learn first time.
Blocks: 0
Motivation: 10


Continuing slow steady pace currently and most of the way through the foundations of CSS section.
Think it all makes reasonable sense, however its anyones guess how much I will retain and be able to put into use at a later date!

Motivation high, no real blockers.


Starting the full stack engineering path today!.. Geared up!


Finished up PostgreSQL and API development to wrap up the back-end. Just broke 70% in the FS path which feels exciting. Haven’t felt motivated enough to start the e-commerce project yet so I’m pushing ahead with some of the lessons in the full stack section and will come back to it. Only blocker today is a pesky headache that doesn’t want me to look at a screen any longer. Motivation has dipped a bit overall, but still feeling good.

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Speaking from my experience (see aslo post above yours) I retain next to nothing unless I put it into frequent practice. There’s probably something in the learning theory thing about the curve of forgetting that relates here. As I understand it the theory is that if you practice right i.e. in accordance with the theory, you eventually get to the point where stuff is retained more or less permanently.

The problem is making time, assuming I can make time to study in the first place, for the practice of what I studied yesterday alongside what I hope to study today.

  • Today in the study session I was working on setting up The Reddit Project. I setup a new Repository, cloned it locally, created a new React app, installed the Redux dependencies, and started adding to the readme using markdown. Also I started on my wireframe in figma for the project.

  • No blockers today, just getting everything setup.

  • Motivation is high excited to work on this project and see how it comes together.

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Working on Tea Cozy OPP.
Coming to see that more often than not the block is one of process and method.
Motivation is strong.

Welcome and Happy Coding.

Hi, today i was study positions and display in html/css. Now iam in work try to study in POS. I cant wait to learn more.

Working on the Tea Cozy OPP in Making a Website responsive → Layout with Flexbox. Another one I didn’t complete first time through.

I got stuck on the project a few days ago. I couldn’t get one of the background images [CSS background-image: url(“”)] lo load. I went back over the test-driven denvelopment (TDD) lesson In JavaScript Testing → Learn TDD with Mocha]. I wanted to understand the approach and see if I could apply it to HTML develpment. It’s not an exact parallel but I’m developing an approach to HTML that uses the same principle of gradual development. My equivalent of the tests in JS TDD is refreshing the web page after each save of the source file. I try to save after each minor change and refresh the web page so I can tell easily when something stops working. The greater the amount of changes between one refreh and another, the more there is to could have caused the issue when something goes wrong.

Motivation better than ever.

Today not a lot of time to work on my project, but I was able to finish the file with some screen shots and pushed those changes up to my github repo. GitHub - freddieb77/reddit-project . I did a little practice and I attended the Networking group today which was great!

Blockers today is just not enough time.

Motivation is high. Having fun working on this project from scratch. I will probably not post much in the next week as I will be on vacation in FL with the Fam. I am bringing my laptop so I might have some time to hop on and get some things done.


Working on the TeaCozy project again today. I got to a point where I’d tried to do too much in one go and found my code had indigestion. Picked up another gap to fill - the JS Scope lesson. I’m sure I’ve done it before but it’d be a while back. Since the system was saying I hadn’t I got stuck in. Got onto the Training Days project and found some wierd stuff happening. I’ll have another look at it tomorrow. If it still doesn’t make sense I’ll post for help in the forums.

Motivation good

I sorted it! (Training Days) Had another look as I was not-quite-getting-round-to shutting-down-my-computer before bed and realised I’d added the name parameter to the function definitions but not the argument to the function call. Silly me!

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I’ve been sick and exhausted but pulling myself together to make small codecademy progress 2 days a week to maintain my streak.
I still haven’t progressed on the big React project because I harbor anxiety about using online accounts like github and netlify: that’s what caused me to “hit a wall” with my marathon progress through the FullStack Path.
I had been slowly progressing through Cybersecurity articles the last few weeks and this week I focused on Webpack which is related to FullStack.
When I used to do a small amount of FullStack work, Webpack was something critical to the Senior members of the frontend team which demoralized me because it totally eluded my understanding. I am almost halfway done with Webpack and haven’t memorized the commands or syntax but today I am “getting the gist” of how it is pulling in resources so that it is simple to use HTML resources from Javascript files.

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