March Study Group


Do you…

  • want to study more at Codecademy but lose focus easily?
  • feel like you get distracted all the time?
  • wished you could have a group to keep you accountable?
  • want to connect with others also developing their coding skills?

The plan

  • Try sharing an update with the group every day (it’s ok if you skip here and there, but try to stay consistent)
  • Share a few lines, or paragraphs. Up to you!
  • Share ideas, thoughts and anything else related to your learning

Please share 3 things every day:

  • What are you learning/covering today
  • Any blockers/problems you run into
  • Your general state of mind (fired up, motivated, neutral, tired, don’t want to study at all)

Start of 3rd Month at end of 2nd? Nothing like a flying start

My foundation/launch-pad project… more later, just the pics for now:
(probably needs explanation to make sense of but that’ll have to wait too)


Is there a way to subscribe to the sessions so you don’t have to rsvp each one?

unfortunately no, I’ll publish several so you can just RSVP for them all at once :frowning:

OK. Thanks that would be good. Must be quite a lot of work though with several groups going on. Is it a ‘it’s just not how the platform we use works’ thing or is it worth asking your teck people to look into it?

Getting some clarity on how I might construct an over-arching project based on what I shared yesterday.
Block was ‘just one episode’ of a 6-part TV drama turning into watching all of episodes 4 to 6.
Motivation is good though.

February turned out to be far less consistent than I would have liked. March is going to be easier. I can feel it in my bones.

Working on ideas for my side-project/profile/blog
Weekends and evenings tend to get chewed up with stuff
Motivation good

Checking in at 62% completed in the FS path today. Working through the Designing Relational Databases unit and still have plenty of time to work tonight. No blockers for now, I’ve found the database content a little easier to wrap my head around so far. Motivation is high, hoping I can use it to make some significant progress this weekend!

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Work on CSS Transitions. Not strictly part of FSE but cool nonetheless.
Unblocking slowly.
Motivation high.


Completed first Introductory HTML module and moved onto introductory CSS which is a lot more understandable than I’d feared it might be, so that’s positive.

Motivation high and enjoying the work.

Main blocker is time fitting study around work and family but the high motivation helps (and working on laptop while parked in a car park as your toddler sleeps is a good way to sneak in some study time!!)


Finished up the Designing Relational Databases unit, working with some Advanced PostgreSQL now. Checking in at 65% complete today after a lot of coding this weekend. No blockers recently. Motivation is high as I’m nearing the end of Back-End.

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Made good progress today. I finished the “Learn React: Introduction” course. I also decided to enroll in the Full-Stack career path after working on the Back-End path for a few months. I plan on continuing on studying React, then completing the Back-End path, then the Full-Stack path.

No real blockers currently but I am struggling a little to decide on how I should balance study time with time spent applying for jobs and working on my portfolio.

Feeling motivated and looking forward to learning more React tomorrow :slight_smile:


After finishing “JavaScript Testing” I’m moving to “Async JavaScript and HTTP Requests”. I’m feeling motivated and enthusiastic about how to turn around on a programmatic language that is a sequential language to become “asynchronous” and how the data is fetched from a server.


Coding with async is a huge step! Glad that you are finding it interesting

How are you liking React so far?

What’s your plan after back-end?

It’s tough to have energy to study after a long day. Have you thought about trying to do it in the morning?

Still working though reviewing React and Redux so I can work on that portfolio project. Motivation is kind of low and I’m feeling discouraged overall but I know it will pass.

Is there anything specific the group can help with?

Taking a week off work to sort some life stuff and maybe progress FSE some. Went back over Flex lessons as part of filling in gaps and sorting out holes.

Main block for me now is Off Platform Projects. Especially Fotomatic. They’re there to consolidate but also a bit like (the urban myth of) QWERTY-syndrome. to slow you down.

Motivation as good as ever.

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  • Today I was able to get through a few sections in Git and GitHub, part II. I finished Git Teamwork, Best Practices, and got through most of Collaborating with GitHub Community.

  • No Blockers today most of the work was reading articles and doing some small exercises.

  • Motivation is Fired Up almost to the end of Front-End! :+1:


Hello, I am excited to be here. I signed up two days ago for a full stack career path. My aim is to start from zero and be a hero in 10 months :slight_smile: Just kidding. I have 10 months left in my current job and I decided to use them to learn and make a career shift.
-Today, I had a great Q&A session and an introduction to Web dev.

  • After the session i felt motivated and that yes, I can learn in 10 months what can enable me to find a junior job.
  • I am in my 50th, but I feel, yes, I can do it. I can make a career shift!

Looking forward to learn and interact. Cheers!


I signed up yesterday for Front-end Development and yes i believe to learn in 3 months. yes 3 months cuz i have a background knowledge of coding.
so I will like to interact too