Maps like dictionaries?

I’m doing “Learn Hash Maps” in computer science and it is telling me about tabular data and to make a long post short… It is referring to the left column (if a table has New York ---- Rose ) It is referring to New York as a Key and Rose as a Value. Would it be safe to say that it can KIND OF be thought of as a dictionary? This question is basically just to see if this is true, because if so, it feels like it may be easier to understand since I already get dictionaries.

I know it’s not like a dictionary because it’s a whoooooole different class of stuff, just to make that clear lol. (BTW CODECADEMY I AM LOVING THE COMPUTER SCIENCE PATH SO THANK YOU)

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Think of them as the same for now. There are several types of hashes/maps. The unifying principle is the key/value. Underneath the hood all of these different maps/hashes are implemented a little differently and specialized for certain uses.


Thank you, I’m getting into the array of hashing now so I’m seeing the differences but remembering the key:value from dictionaries is a decent way to remember positioning, and the only difference if that you can’t have more than one value per key. (which is the default in my mind so it works out.) Thanks again for the answer! If I could ‘up-vote’ your account I would!