Map in JSX - I am confused


Hello everyone i am on lesson 13/16 and do not understand the working of how this map( ) method was used in the example- how does this arrow function work - This is not yet a JSX example --Why then are no quotes placed around the li element ?- console.logging this gives an error --Thank you in advance !

const strings = ['Home', 'Shop', 'About Me'];
const listItems = => <li>{string}</li>);

Below makes sense to me - because an array of strings would appear – however not including quotes as in the example above - does not>:

const strings = ['Home', 'Shop', 'About Me'];

const listItems = => `<li>${string}</li>`);

//output >  [ '<li>Home</li>', '<li>Shop</li>', '<li>About Me</li>' ]

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