Manipulation Project - not showing up on the query

I typed in the first part and the project and hit save and it populated the query
Did the 2nd. 3rd 4th…etc… task and nothing
does this look correct

CREATE TABLE Friends (ID integer, Name Text, Birthday Date);

INSERT INTO Friends (ID, Name, Birthday)
VALUES (1, ‘jane doe’, 1993-05-19);

INSERT INTO Friends (ID, Name, Birthday)
VALUES (‘2’,‘Jane Doo’,‘1993-05-19’) VALUES (3,‘Jack Doe’,‘1993-04-19’) VALUES (‘4’,‘JOe Doe’,1992-03-19);

UPDATE Friends
SET Name=‘Jane Doe’
WHERE Name=‘Jane Smith’;

ADD column Email Text;

UPDATE Friends
SET Name=‘Jane Doe’, Name=‘Jane Doo’, Name=‘Jack Doe’, Name=‘Joe Doe’
WHERE Email=‘[email protected]’, Email= ‘[email protected]’, Email=‘[email protected]’, Email= ‘[email protected]’;

WHERE Name=‘Jane Doe’;

Ok I listed them all I have to clear out the previous… :grinning:

Actually no its not working

I’m having some trouble with this exercise, too. When I insert Jane Doe into friends, I should be able to query the database with:

SELECT * FROM friends;

But that query doesn’t spit out anything (which I think it should, right?)

You will need quotes on that date.

Yes it should my other issue was my dates need ’ before and after

I mean " thats what you need to use

Works today. I think my insert statement was wrong.