Manipulation ? problem 5 exercise 5 -I JUST CANT.....-


IN manipulation problem 5 execersie 5 i got stuck.
i am new to this website like REALLy new. i got on today and I'm in manipulation.

I'm putting everything right but it keeps telling me that its not.

IM putting cp biopic/ray.text
biopic/notorious.text historical/

I've also tried putting text historical with no spaces and the whole thing together and 2 separate commands nothing is working.It might be my lack of skills because I'm quite new or I'm missing something but any who if you guys have passed through this problem then tell how you did it or just what I'm doing wrong or just whats the right thing to do.



Could you post a screenshot of the issue? That will make helping easier, thank you


I have the same problem...


At certain point, it is unclear to me which directory you are at. Could you post an updated version with a ls and pwd command? For this step, you should be in:


you can see the current working directory with pwd


cp biopic/ray.txt biopic/notorious.txt historical/