Manipulation - insert

Hello fellow Codecademy learners!

As part of Manipulation - Insert command (, why am I unable to insert multiple values at once using a single INSERT command?

What am I doing wrong?


I just ran the same thing

INSERT INTO celebs (id, name, age)
    (1, 'Justin Bieber', 22),
    (2, 'Beyonce Knowles', 33),
    (3, 'Jeremy Lin', 26),
    (4, 'Taylor Swift', 26);

ran fine and passed.

Either way skip the lesson if the editor is stuck on it.


Hi Toastedpitabread! Cool name btw. Thanks for answering my question.

Possible that the editor is stuck. I actually tried the same concept in a different context but it still didn’t work. Further, when I checked the editor, the values have not been updated in the celebs table.

Only if we went the traditional way of adding an individual insert for each time we add a value, does the editor give results. But let’s say I want to add a 100 records, then this doesn’t seem like the most efficient way. Any chance you could share a screen grab of your results on the editor?

If you run it locally on your computer on sqlite it should work too. That’s why I would not worry too much about what the platform is doing.

You should def be able to do 100 records (although there is a threshold on how big a batch can be but that’s another topic).


Thank you so much toastedpitabread! :heart: