Manipulation > 6.cp II "cp: cannot stat '*': No such file or directory"


I have got a similar problem...

Stuck at 32% on the Command Line

Did you for some reason do

$ set -f

Because it looks like bash isn't expanding *

Refreshing the page probably takes care of it, otherwise try $ set +f

Oh and in the future - start a new topic! This one is old!


thanks for your help but it still does not work :/


What if you copy the command from the instructions? My understanding is that you should be passed regardles of whether the command succeeded, as long as the correct text is entered. And since you're not passed, and since bash is confused, then perhaps there is some ever so subtle difference from what's in the instructions.

I don't see any indication of that it's not exactly the same. Just the above reasoning.


Well, unfortunatelly I cannot copy anything to the command line within that course. :slightly_smiling: Can just anyone give me the greenlight to pass this task, cause otherwise I am stuck :slightly_smiling:


The terminal window eats up Ctrl+V yeah but you might be able to right-click->paste

You can also type out that command here in the forum for us to inspect, should be able to tell if it's the correct characters or not by comparing to the correct string in unicode or inspecting it somehow.

You can do that same test yourself as well if you have Python interpreter or something, do this in a terminal:

$ python -c 'print("cp * satire/" == "cp * satire/")'


If the problem is a fancy (unicode) * symbol, then this will help. The ASCII code for * is 42, hold Alt and type 42.


cheers guys- it helped.